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How to maintain electric sprayer

Electric sprayer for easy to use, high efficiency, loved by more and more farmers, has become a major tool for pest control in the greenhouse. However, electric sprayer compare & ldquo; delicate & rdquo ;, once used improperly in the operation, maintenance is not timely, it is prone to failure. How to care for, it can prolong the life of the sprayer, the reporter interviewed the sprayer sales in the Hanjing, he suggested that farmers should do the following.
First, when the first official use, check all connections for leaks. When in use, install water spray test, and then install agents. After adding water when the first Canadian pharmaceutical dosing, liquid's surface can not exceed safe water line. Before spraying, electric sprayer advance open, so that the pressure rises to the working pressure of the barrel to ensure a smooth spraying.
Secondly, the sprayer after use, should be the first to liquid barrels, hoses, spray bar and other parts clean, paying particular attention to remove dirt and grease bottom of the barrel recess liquid pump on. Because the majority of pesticide sprayer has a certain effect on corrosion, and therefore disabled, to promptly wash it again with lye, then rinse with water. Especially after Bordeaux mixture sprayed pesticides and other corrosive, preferably with alkaline soak 1 & mdash; 2 hours. Pay attention to prevent rust. Those who can disassemble the parts must be removed to wash clean. Lance, the use of oil painting wall nozzle to avoid damp rust.
If you do not use the sprayer in the short term, the main components should be clean, dry bottles in a cool dry place. If the long-term need, they have the various metal parts coated with butter, to prevent rust.
In addition, the core component of electric sprayer pumps and batteries. Although there are several pumps available in the market, but these pumps are afraid blocked. So be sure to use clean water will medicine, be sure to use a small strainer to filter when adding water to prevent clogging.
Remind farmers: After sprayer disable its fully charged battery should be placed in the shade to dry, dry place, every one to two months on one charge. If the deposit after power-up time is shorter, then add distilled water inside a timely manner.
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