Carton fair 3.1-G24YIWU FAIR A1-D36 37
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Thanks for your selection and support. We will provide you with all-around service by virtue of the first-rate technology and management so as to realize easier use and bring professional service.

1. If you have any problem, please ask the nearest dealer for help. If the dealer still fails to solve the problem, you can contact with our customer service personnel in the shortest time possible, and our service personnel will provide you with direct service.
2. When you have any problem, you can also send your problems to our e-mail and leave your contact information. Our service personnel will give a reply in the second working day and inform you in the first time. 3. If you have any problem, you can also contact us by QQ or fax and we will solve your problem in the shortest time possible.
4. We perform real-time monitoring of user problems, promote the ability of early warning, give timely feedback to the relevant department, take active actions, and prevent reoccurring of the problems.

Your trust is the best support. We’d like to cooperate with you for a wonderful future!

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