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Tips for electric sprayer when spraying pesticides

Before and after the use of electric sprayer must do the appropriate checks, in the process of spraying pesticides should follow certain precautions.
Electric sprayer before the job to check the parts for damage, with or without leakage, spray is normal, the first trial with water spray.
When spraying pesticides, the operator should stand upwind position, pay attention to the wind direction changes, changing the way in time to walk the job, try to forward interlaced spraying.
Knapsack power sprayer tank is not overfilled, so as not to bend over, the liquid from the medicine chest mouth overflow spilled pesticide people. Select the correct application time should avoid at noon when the sun is strong spraying, because when volatile pesticides, and the operator sweating, pesticides easily penetrate the body through the pores.
Spray electric appliances in the event of failure during operation, should immediately stop work, close the valve, inspect repair. If it is electric sprayer pipe or pump failure, you must first reduce the pressure in the pipeline. When you open the compressed air tank, you should first release the compressed air cylinder, to prevent accidents.
After each use, the barrel should be promptly poured the remaining liquid, and washed with water drained.
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