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Problem Solution electric sprayer

Electric sprayer with a compact and flexible, easy to use, ergonomic advantages, more and more farmers and friends of the favorite to become the main tool for spraying. However, because many farmers friends do not master the correct way to use electric sprayer frequent cause various problems. So, electric sprayer broke down how to solve?
1, the spraying handle switch leaking, leaking. When the switch or switches asbestos gasket wear line wear will cause the switch leakage, this phenomenon occurs, or asbestos gasket should be replaced with new lines. The leak was due to skin damage or gasket sealing off the gas chamber, and therefore timely welding.
2, not hit the intake air chamber under pressure does not focus on electric rocker. This is because the nebulizer cup shrinkage of hardened or cracked, loose nut cup bottom caused. Cup should be a little pressure to open or replace with a new cup, immersed in oil or lubricating oil, lubricating installed after the expansion, coated with a little oil, and tighten the bottom of the nut.
3, the electric mist sprayer out bad, easy flow drops. This is because the spray nozzle clogging the hole, the casing or filter clogged by dirt out of the water ball put lives caused by other reasons. Should clear the spray holes, removing debris; should open the casing if the casing cleaning clogged strainer, check valve, remove dirt.
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