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Our company carries out production and management in the tenet of “People-oriented, Scientific Management, Pursue Essence, Sincere Service”.

Under the influence of “People-oriented, Scientific Management” culture, our company accepts the rationalization proposal of staff at any time. Through interaction, our company creates a good atmosphere that “the enterprise provides staff with good treatment and the staff loves the enterprise. Meanwhile, our company creates the environment and atmosphere with combination of standardized management and humanistic management. In addition, our company develops the staff’s sense of honor by all means, arouses work enthusiasm of staff, cultivates the spirit of “self-reliance, dedication, pioneering, progressive, coordination, contribution”, and strengthens unity so as to create more value for the society!
Our company takes “Pursue Essence, Sincere Service” as the objective. Meanwhile, our company and staff own many years of production experience, and continuously update and promote the performance, quality and efficacy of sprayer products. We are committed to providing the most satisfactory products by virtue of the most preferential price and the best quality. In addition, our company adheres to the tenet of “exquisite rather than more” and the market objective of “Scientific Development, Technological Invocation”, learns widely from others’ strong points, gives full play to our advantages, and strives to develop into the first-class manufacturer of equipment for plant protection by virtue of the inexhaustible motive force for development.

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