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Power sprayer

  • KXF-800


It is characterized by speediness, efficiency, lightweight and other advantages compared with common manual sprayer, embodying in:

1. Full mechanization, reducing labor intensity greatly, saving labor force.

2. Uniform ejected droplets, reducing the waste of the pesticide solution, improving the absorption efficiency of plant!

3. Easy to use, easy maintenance, maintenance to a specific repair station is unnecessary.

4. The engine is characterized by strong power force, low fuel consumption, quietness and comfort Suitable for quarantine, storage, livestock farms, sanitation, hotel cleanliness and sanitation, wheat, corn, cotton, rice, fruit trees, greenhouses, grapes, tobacco, tea, flowers, gardening and other crops.


Technical Parameters

Item No. Tank Power Rated Power/
Displacement N.W Dimension Qty-20'/40'
KXF-800 25L TU-26 0.7/6500(kw/r) 26cc 9kg 470*345*630mm 290/685ctns
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